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Lucas James

Lucas James



We’ve done over 100,000 cold calls in the last 5 years since launching our agency. We’ve learned that most people can’t get meetings from cold calls, because everyone who receives a cold call immediately hangs up. This being the case, we have been able to find a way to get sales meetings still but it requires us to do a workaround (aka The Trojan Horse Approach)

Basically, instead of getting them on a sales call directly, we have figured out how to get prospects on sales calls through a podcast. 

Then, at the end of the podcast, we say: “that was great! Thanks for being on the show. I did want to ask as well, did you have any interest in hearing how we did (INSERT VALUE PROP)?”

We have found statistically that way more people say yes to the sales call after a 15-30 minute podcast than when you do cold outreach. Plus, your podcast can be content and social proof for them and you to get even more customers.

If you think about lead generation as one giant experiment, podcast is our control and the try before you buy offer on email and linkedin is our variant. We know the podcast offer works, but we also like to test other messages to get even more data. 

As part of our service, we can actually do cold calling for you to book these podcasts and show you how to easily create a show, post episodes, and invite guests with literally no stress at all.

Here is our calendar invite example: CLICK TO VIEW

Example CTA:

Podcast Growth:

Booked Andrew of MicroAcquire:

We understand that starting a podcast can feel like a challenge. 

In fact, one of the MOST common things people tell us is that “they don’t have the time to start a podcast.”

We disagree. 

Podcasting can be one of the easiest content platforms to start.

It does not require editing. It does not require visuals. All it requires is a good conversation. 

You can simply record any podcast inside Anchor and publish it immediately after. 

Check out the first episode of our podcast in June 2021 and you will hear how bad it is!

The point is, these podcasts are really “salescasts”. 

They are a sales vehicle for getting many more meetings booked than you would otherwise. 

Lucas James

Hi there. My name is Lucas James. I am the CEO of Twiz. I am obsessed with software and coming up with creative ways to solve big problems.

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