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Lucas James

Lucas James


It is hard to overstate how much of an impact ChatGPT is having on the world as a whole. From sparking massive layoffs to creating new jobs, it seems like it has the potential to do anything. This is even more true as it goes forward and becomes more and more advanced. 

As ChatGPT continues to grow and change, updates give it expanded capabilities. The latest update alters how it approaches web searches. This update makes searches more relevant and more powerful than ever before. 

So, what changed in the latest ChatGPT update? How can you take advantage of the changes for yourself? Keep reading to find out the answers to these questions and more. 

What Changed in the Latest Update? 

Recently, ChatGPT integrated the ability to search the web with Bing as part of the collaboration between Microsoft and ChatGPT. This allows it to use AI to assist any searches you do with Bing.  

However, the latest update took this feature even further. It allows ChatGPT to conduct these searches and include results from 2022 and 2023. Previously, it was limited to results as recent as 2021. This means that searches conducted this way are far more up-to-date and accurate than they used to be. 

Top agencies are already using ChatGPT regularly. However, this update gives it even more possibilities. 

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How to Activate Search with Bing ChatGPT

To start searching with Bing using ChatGPT, you need the paid version of ChatGPT. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available with the free version. If you have the paid version, you can start by logging in and making your way to the main screen. 

Once there, you will need to go to the settings menu. There, you will see three settings options: “General,” “Beta features,” and “Data control.” You will want to select “Beta features.” Under these features, you will see the “Browse with Bing” selection option. Simply turn this feature on, and you will be able to use ChatGPT’s Bing search. 

Once you’ve gone into the settings and enabled the Browse with Bing feature of ChatGPT, you just need to alter your search so that it uses the feature. Make your way to the main screen, where you typically input ChatGPT prompts. Select “GPT-4,” and you will see the Browse with Bing option underneath. Select this, and you are finally ready to go. Now, the prompts you enter will search with Bing to find an answer. 

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Searching with Bing ChatGPT

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Once the Browse with Bing feature is fully turned on, all you have to do is enter prompts, and you can search Bing with ChatGPT. You can ask it anything you would want it to search, with any stipulations you require. 

However, to take full advantage of the recent update, you may want to add “in 2023” at the end of your query. For example, searching for “global political developments” could potentially result in a lengthy list containing very dated changes. Meanwhile, searching for “global political developments in 2023” will only focus on the most recent and pressing developments. 

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Example Searches Using Bing and ChatGPT

You can essentially search for anything you want using Bing and ChatGPT together. However, here are some examples of prompts and searches you can conduct with Bing and ChatGPT. 

  • Look up the current top 10 best-selling books of 2023. This can keep you updated on what is popular and give you options to add to your reading list. 
  • Find the most recent health updates for 2023. This could let you know if there is any pertinent health information you need to be aware of, giving you a heads-up if you need to take steps to protect yourself. 
  • Search for the latest movies released in 2023 and their reviews. This can let you know what is trending when it comes to movies while simultaneously letting you know which ones are actually worth seeing. 
  • Look up recent stock market performance and trends in 2023. This is a great way to check out the world of finance and find ways to make a profit for yourself. 
  • Search for up-to-date travel advisories and popular destinations in 2023. If you are someone who travels regularly, this can be a great way to know which destinations are trending and which destinations you need to be wary about. 

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Key Things to Keep in Mind

As you search the web with Bing and ChatGPT, there are a few things you should keep in mind. These can prevent you from making mistakes as you go about this process. 

For one, keep in mind that ChatGPT often gets things wrong. It may give you the wrong answer or inaccurate information and may present it in a way that feels correct. This is because ChatGPT is only using information that is currently available, so if there is a flaw with that information, the answer it gives will have a flaw as well. So, make sure to double-check the sources it gives to verify that what it is telling you is true. 

You should also know that ChatGPT may not always do exactly what you want it to do. Some requests go beyond its wheelhouse. In these cases, you may want to try again by restating the question. It may also give you alternative options, which you can choose to explore as well. 

You can upvote good responses to get better ones in the future. If ChatGPT gives you a response that is particularly helpful, you can upvote it. This lets the program know that this is the kind of response you are looking for and encourages it to provide similar responses in the future. 

You can ask follow-up questions. If you are interested in hearing more about a response that ChatGPT gives you, you can ask it to elaborate further. This will make it continue to search on the current topic, potentially allowing you to dig deeper than you would have otherwise. 

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The Latest Update on Searching with Bing ChatGPT

Searching with Bing using ChatGPT has the potential to be a wonderfully powerful tool. This is especially true with the latest update, which allows more recent and up-to-date information. By mastering Bing searches with ChatGPT, you can make full use of incredible technology. 

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